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October 2020 Virtual Summits - School Mental Health, ADHD & OT

3 Months Access to all October 2020 Summits - School Mental Health, ADHD & OT. 20+ Expert speakers covered various aspects of child development and child mental health awareness.
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10-Oct-2020, 10:00 am – 31-Oct-2020, 10:00 pm
Virtual October Summits

About the Event

About School Mental Health Summit

Children spend more time in schools than in any other place. Schools are the best places to increase mental health awareness and encourange talking about mental well being from an early age. Children are very vulnerable while they are going through their formative years, their psychological well-being shapes their personality and who they become when they grow up.

Children must be made aware that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body.  They need to know that their state of mind impacts their thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Their mental health affects their decision making,  academic performance, coping skills and relationships with peers especially during the times of stress. Children must be taught that they need to work on their mental wellbeing everyday like they take take of their physical well-being everyday.

This Summit is the first of it’s kind in the India. This Summit will give an opportunity for teachers, parents and schools be a front runner in advocating for  children’s mental health! Please join us and help us in advocating for children’s mental health and create awareness and end the stigma around school mental health.

Speakers & Topics:

  1. Huge Need for Growing Mental Health Services for Schools - Ms. Nirmala Diaz, Founder Sloka Waldorf School
  2. Insights for New Age Parents - Dr. Vivek Ullatil, Consultant Psychiatrist
  3. Understanding the Impact of Mental Health Issues on School Performance - Ms. Isha Singh, Clinical Psychologist
  4. The Warning Signs: Common Psychiatric Disorders Prevalent in School Children - Dr. Vasanth, Consultant Psychiatrist
  5. What are the Current Initiatives Taken by Schools for Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Children - Ms. Soumya Reddy
  6. Why School is Not a Walk in the Park for Our Students. Let's End the Stigma - Let's Talk Mental Health - Ms. Madhavi Adimulam, Founder, Ananya CDC

About ADHD Summit

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder which affects almost 8% of primary school-age children (DSM-5). Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, typically, are detectable in early childhood. With such a high prevalence rate, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder remain undiagnosed and untreated. The consequences of unaddressed ADHD could result in behavioural difficulties to school failure and the challenges will continue all the way in adulthood. ADHD can present itself in many forms. The important thing to remember is that with timely and early intervention, children diagnosed with ADHD can go on to live a rewarding life and reach their full potential.

Topics & Speakers:

  1. Helping a Child with ADHD succeed in School - Ms. Pratima Sinha – CEO Birla Open Minds
  2. Overcoming Challenges: Multidimensional Approach for Management of ADHD - Dr. Anjul Dayal – Sr. Pediatrician and Intensivist
  3. Is ADD/ADHD a behaviour or a physiological response? - Ms. Tehnaaz Ragi – Special Educator
  4. Identifying ADHD Early on in the Classroom - Dr. Daljeet Kaur – Consultant Psychiatrist
  5. Executive Function - Dr. Sailja Golla, Paediatric Neurologist
  6. Navigating ADHD - Ms. Isha Singh
  7. Food for Thought: Does Food have Anything to do with Child's Behaviour? - Ms. Madhavi Adimulam – Founder – Ananya CDC
  8. Art Therapy for Helping Children with Hyperactivity and Anxiety - Ms. Zenobia Nankani - Art Therapist
  9. Bonus Topic -  - Dr. Lokesh Lingappa

About OT Summit

Virtual OT Summit - October 2020 will bring the much needed awareness about Paediatric Occupational Therapy and Early Intervention in India. This summit has expert speakers from Neurology, Neurodevelopmental Developmental Paediatrics and Paediatric Occupational Therapy from the USA and India. It provides great learning opportunity to OTs, Therapists, Special Educators, School Teachers and Parents.

Topics & Speakers:

  1. Fine Motor Delays and Sensory Integration Difficulties in Children with Neurodevelopment Disabilities - Dr. Sailaja Golla
  2. Evidence based Early Sensory Intervention Practice for NICU Graduates as Neuro Developmental Follow up - Dr. A. Jagadish
  3. How OTs can Collaborate with School Teachers to Support Children in their Classrooms - Dr. Hiral Divyansh Mishra
  4. What is Occupational Therapy (OT)? How will Occupational Therapist Help the Child? - Ms. Reena Singh
  5. How can SLPs Collaborate with OTs to help Children with Special Needs - Ms. Shereen Idiculla
  6. Sensory Integration in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Dr. Kunal Gaurav
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